Nat. Brut

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Nat. Brut (pr. nat broot) is an online journal of art and literature dedicated to advancing inclusivity in all creative fields. Since we’re committed to cultivating a platform for voices that are typically marginalized from mainstream literary/arts consumption, we encourage submissions from women, Disabled people, people of color, and/or LGBTQ-identifying folks, although we do accept submissions from every demographic. 


Nat. Brut is a future defined by responsible art-making. We like work that takes risks, responds to mainstream consumption and tradition, is quirky, is subversive, is sublime, is human. We are a home for the playful and for the unruly. We are against propriety, its echo of property, of ownership, of control over who does what, when, and where. Nat. Brut wants to make you uncomfortable. We want to make you uncomfortable with the uniformity of perspectives you encounter in mainstream magazines. We want to make you uncomfortable with the uniformity of perspectives you encounter in the world. As we make you uncomfortable, we also want to make you feel safe. Nat Brut is play, a mode of generosity, a type of love. At the center of our efforts is an acute awareness of the consequences of our physical and cultural output. We know that all creative mediums inform one another, and we do not value one creative medium over any other. Nat Brut is outside of what's in.


Nat. Brut is broadly interdisciplinary, with a heavy focus on accessibility. We also have a deep fascination with found photos and the public domain. Visibility matters, and we value creative work that has been buried, ignored, or has disappeared from public consciousness. We bring together work that is both serious and humorous, formal and experimental, by artists and writers who are trained and untrained, emerging and established. We aim to make this work accessible to people of all social, economic, and academic backgrounds. And we aim to do all this without committing the pervasive injustice of prioritizing, consciously or otherwise, cis-het-white-able-male voices and narratives. There's really no other option for us; it's just the way we operate. We work hard to print sustainably by using recycled paper and materials, soy inks, and responsible production practices. 

Please be familiar with the magazine and read the information below before you submit.

We hold Expedited Fiction and Poetry Submissions during the months of March and October for a $4 fee, which guarantees a response within 6 weeks and goes entirely toward operation costs for the magazine and its projects.

If you cannot afford or are otherwise unable to pay the expedited fee, we understand! We simultaneously hold Free Open Fiction and Poetry Submissions during the months of March and September. We aim to have a turn-around time of 12 weeks for all Open Submissions.

General submission guidelines:

  • We DO accept submissions of fiction and poetry through Submittable. Please be familiar with the guidelines for each category before submitting. 
  • We DO NOT accept or respond to emailed poetry or fiction submissions.
  • We DO accept emailed creative nonfiction submissions and pitches; in such cases, please email with "Nonfiction" in the subject line.
  • We DO accept emailed comics work and pitches;  in such cases, please email with "Comics" in the subject line.
  • We DO NOT currently accept submissions of visual art, video art, video poetry, or animation.
  • We also commission one guest editor per issue to curate a folio, which is a themed collection of between 12-15 pieces around a given editor's topic of choice. Folios are designed to be narrow to highlight intersections of experiences that may not be as apparent in general submissions. Folios are solicited and open to general submissions, to the discretion of the folio editor. Stay Tuned for information about our Fall 2019 Folio!
  • Please send only work that is previously unpublished. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know in your cover letter and be sure to withdraw your piece promptly if it’s accepted elsewhere.
  • Along with your brief cover letter and bio, we'd love to know how you came across Nat. Brut!

For information about your rights as an author, please visit our Rights page.

Please Note: Nat. Brut no longer releases biannual print issues. We do, however, publish content regularly online. Work accepted for publication online will be considered for publication in any future Nat. Brut print anthology.

Also, please know that while Fractured Atlas is our fiscal sponsor — meaning that they lend us 501(c)3 tax-exempt status — we are financially and editorially independent and are run by a staff of volunteers. The only funds we have are those we raise ourselves, and we truly appreciate your support. This means that, unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to pay writers and artists, though we very much hope this changes in the future.

If you submit to Nat. Brut, we assume that you're interested in what we're doing, so we hope you don't mind if we add you to our email newsletter list!


Please direct all inquiries and comments to

Nat. Brut